Pediatric Medical Center MEDINTEL

is an exceptional private clinic located in the dynamically developing settlement of “Miasteczko Wilanów.” Created specifically to exhibit professionalism and a friendly atmosphere, as well as …ensure a medical care site close to your home, this clinic is dedicated entirely and exclusively to children and adolescents.



creation was inspired by the large, and continuously growing, number of inhabitants, especially the youngest ones! We also live nearby, we are parents, and therefore, we are perfectly familiar with the needs of our patients.

The area of nearly 500 sq. m. accommodates spacious and comfortable offices.
In order to ensure the comfort and epidemiological safety of our patients, we have divided the space designated for providing medical services according to legal regulations – the Well Children’s Clinic and Sick Children’s Clinic have separate entrances, reception areas, and waiting rooms, which precludes any contact between the ill and healthy children.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic assessments, including laboratory tests, ultrasound, electrocardiography (EKG).

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